Air Coolers Price List India 2012 Summer-List of All Air Coolers

Air Coolers Price List India 2012 Summer-List of All Air Coolers

Usha Lexus-PC2214A-Personal Cooler—-Rs.3,200
Bajaj-Cooler PC2000 DLX———————-Rs.4,220
Symphony-DiET 8T——————————Rs.4,290
Symphony-Kaizen Jr—————————–Rs.4,290
Symphony-ICE Cube—————————–Rs.4,490
Symphony-Surround—————————- Rs.4,490
Bajaj-Cooler TC2007—————————- Rs.4,670
Bajaj-Cooler PC2007 RC————————Rs.4,670
Bajaj-Cooler SB2003—————————–Rs.4,670
Kenstar-Little Cooler Dx-CP0118H———-Rs.4,690
Bajaj-Cooler PC2005—————————–Rs.4,790
Kenstar-Little Cooler KCR12W3H———–Rs.4,990
Usha Lexus-Oasis———————————Rs.5,000
Bajaj-Cooler TC 2008—————————Rs.5,030
Symphony-Jumbo Jr—————————–Rs.5,290
Bajaj-Cooler MD2000—————————Rs.5,750
Symphony-DiET 22T—————————-Rs.5,790
Kenstar-Vibrant CT 9924———————-Rs.5,890
Usha Lexus-Sameer Jr—————————Rs.5,900
Kenstar-Double Cool DX CW 0121———-Rs.6,290
Symphony-Sumo Jr——————————-Rs.6,490
Bajaj-Cooler DC 2009 Sleeq——————-Rs.7,190
Symphony-DiET 50T—————————–Rs.7,290
Symphony-Jumbo Cool————————-Rs.7,290
Bajaj-Cooler DC2004—————————-Rs.7,370
Bajaj-Cooler RC2004—————————-Rs.7,640
Kenstar-Slim Line SD 0434——————–Rs.7,690
Symphony-Sumo XL—————————–Rs.7,690
Usha Lexus-Sameer——————————Rs.7,700
Symphony-Sumo Go—————————–Rs.7,990
Kenstar-Cyclone CD2001———————–Rs.7,990
Kenstar-Climatizer – KCM40V1W-CFR—–Rs.8,500
Kenstar-TURBOCOOL Dx-9704————–Rs.8,690

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