How to Use Telugu Font on Android

How to Use Telugu Font on Android?

Earlier, I have given a post about using Telugu Font on Android mobiles. Though many people installed apps for Telugu on Android, they are not able to type in Telugu on their smart phones. I am now discussing the factors and to-be-done points for using Telugu font.

This tutorial is related to Android v2.3 or Gingerbread version of OS, but I don’t know about the usage on Android v2.2 or other versions of OS.

Install MultiLing Keyboard app from Android Market

Now install My Alpha app from the market

Choose MyAlpha fonts in the settings of Multiling Keyboard

Select the regional language font which you want to use

Now, if you are working on Ice Cream Sandwich version of OS, you will see installed regional language fonts on the keypad.

You can choose the language by sliding the space bar.

If you are not able to find your language in that scrolling list, or if you are not able to slide the space bar or if you are not able to find regional languages on the keypad, you need to install “Ice Cream Sandwich Keypad” from Android Market.

After installing Icecream Sandwich app you need to restart your mobile (turn off and turn on)

Now, you can see Icecream Sandwich model keypad on your Android device. You can now slide the space bar for viewing the regional languages. Now you can select your desired regional language.

In this way, users can start using Telugu Font on their Android Devices.


Update: I have personally tested and I am using this Telugu font app on my Android phone………..if you have any doubts in installing these apps, contact me through comment box..

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