Jaggery Manufacturing Unit Business Project Report-Investment, Units, Sales


As per the statistics, the total sugar cane cultivation in the financial year 2009-2010 is around 1.05 lakh, of which the sugar cane which was imported to other countries is around 55 lakhs. And coming to the position of Andhra Pradesh inIndia, in the production as well as the crushing of the sugar cane is fifth. While in the production of jaggery, Andhra Pradesh owes third position inIndia.

Natural sugar is also a type of jaggery where it differs with the other jaggery, in not having any chemicals in its preparation. Talking about the position ofIndiain the production of jaggery, in the financial year 2009-2010, it(India) owes the top most position. The total production of jaggery inIndiaduring the financial year 2009-2010, is around 80 lakh tones. Andhra Pradesh contributed around 43 thousand tones of jaggery production in the financial year 2009-2010. It is note worthy to mention that the world’s one of the famous jaggery markets is in Andhra Pradesh, and the one is none other than the Ankappali jaggery market. And this Ankappali market, among the southern states ofIndia, is the biggest ones.


The first foremost and the most important ingredient of jaggery preparation is the sugar cane. The sugar canes are taken and they are first subjected to heated, which is done in order to make the water content in the sugar cane to evaporate. This heating will remove the water in the sugar cane and hence, the sugar cane will turn solid in state after the heat treatment. This type of production of jaggery can be done at home as some home industry, but for which a huge number of workers are required. So usage of machineries which will provide high temperatures for the evaporation of water from the sugar cane will lessen the number of workers required and will also helps in saving time. This is other wise termed as the semi automatic jaggery preparation and it has got many advantages, which are mentioned as follows:

  • The main advantage of it is, it will lessen the number of workers required.
  • The production of jaggery can be done for 180 days in a year.
  • Unlike the one which is prepared in the form of cube, this process helps in obtaining the jaggery as free flow.
  • This procedure helps us to extract the maximum amount of the sugar cane juice, which further helps in the higher production of jaggery.
  • The quality of the jaggery produced by this technique is also more.
  • This process enables us to obtain the jaggery in various desired forms.


In the recent times, the importances of jaggery have come in to light. The reason for it is the increased health complications due to the usage of various other sugars ( for example—diabetes), and also the people are becoming knowledge full about the health facts and started using jaggery instead of other sugars. More number of people are opting jaggery which is the form of powder because it can be used easily as sugar. Jaggery is used in various fields like sweets preparation, ayurvedic medicines, as animal gross, etc.


Jaggery from our country is being exported to various other countries likeAngola,Ghana,Hong Kong,Japan,Oman, Marshes,Bangladesh,Malaysia,Philippines, Saudi Aradia,Australia,Afghanistan,Germany,Greece,Ireland,Kenya,Canada,Pakistan,Srilanka,China, Khatar, and UAE.


The total acres of land which is under the sugar cane cultivation in Andhra Pradesh is around 250 acres. From this cultivation land, approximately 40 tones of sugar cane is produced. And from this 5 tones of jaggery production is required to start a semi- automatic industry.

Approximately, it is estimated to have one crore rupees are needed to start this project.

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