List of All Top Paying Captcha Sites-Captcha Sites Reviews

List of All Top Paying Captcha Sites-Captcha Sites Reviews

After getting good response for the article of List of High Paying Captcha sites, i would like to come up with a new article, which gives the list of genuine and paying CAPTCHA Work Sites:

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This is one of the most popular CAPTCHA site and hence many people search for Megatypers Invitation code and Megatypers review. This site is a really paying ones and hence users can sign up with it.


After seeing the reviews of Protypers, one can say that it is really a genuine CAPTCHA work site, paying high rates. You can also sign up for the site and get the work.


We see many people selling the work id’s of Kibups, i don’t suggest to purchase them, because most of them would be fake. This site is paying 2$ for 1000 correct entries.


This is another popular CAPTCHA work giving site, I have read about it since many months. It is giving genuine payments to the workers/employees.


Most of the online captcha working sites will be scam, but this site is giving good genuine payments for its users.


By typing the characters in the images, you can earn money from this site. It is a good CAPTCHA working site.


Work for this site and earn huge amounts of money.


This is another really paying CAPTCHA site.


This CAPTCHA site is known for instant payments.


This site is not opening at presently, but many people have earned from it.


Many people have said that it is a genuine paying site.


Review of fasttypers is that it is really paying ones.


Another CAPTCHA working site.


This site is a new CAPTCHA working site, which has good design.


This is different from the above sites, because we can find many other small jobs on this site, apart from CAPTCHA work.


This is one of the best sites for CAPTCHA entry work.


As the name suggests, we can find many micro jobs on this site.


This is a site which gives micro jobs including copy paste works, simple CAPTCHA works, data entry sites, etc.

Apart from these sites, there are many other CAPTCHA data entry working sites, please read their reviews and check if they are scams or genuine ones, before joining, even if it is of no-investment type.

NOTE: I did much research on finding these sites and on reading reviews about these sites. I never worked for captcha sites and i didn’t recieved any payments for the above ones. I just read the reviews of users of these sites on the net, and i am sharing this information so that any one who is in search of really paying genuine data entry work would get beneffitted. We are not responsible if they don’t pay. Do the work only at your own risk.

My Opinion: Almost all CAPTCHA working sites will be waste of time and effort. They might not pay, if they pay, it will be very much less. We don’t know when it will get closed down. Hence it is better to learn any subject (like web designing, SEO, php, or any other such thing) for earning money online.

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