Mee Seva – E-Seva/APOnline/Common Services Centers to be converted

Mee Seva centers are intended to provide government services and to offer transparency in them.
As per the AP Government orders, the existing e-seva centers, AP Online, and Common Services Centers are to be converted in to ‘Mee Seva Centers’.
All these Mee Seva Centers would work in same lines and would also have same kind of furniture, systems and outlook.
Main objective of Mee Seva Centers is to provide all government services at one place and that too in an easy manner.
The existing 22 e seva centers, 107 AP Online Centers, and 34 Common Service Centers are to be converted in to mee seva centers soon.
Government would allot Rs.10,000 to each of these centers to make necessary changes to get converted in to Mee Seva Centers.
This project has been initiated in Chittor, Khammam and Krishna districts in first phase.

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