Top 9 Reasons Why I Couldn’t Make More Money with 6 months old Blog?

Top 9 Reasons Why I Couldn’t Make More Money with 6 months old Blog?

Earlier I used to have a blogspot blog, which earned me one cheque from Google. It was on mobiles, and i was hesistant to make posts to this blog, since i couldn’t get much traffic compared to the work i have done for it.

Then, i have set up self hosted wordpress blog and i expected huge response on this site. I am posting articles of different topics but i haven’t got response which i have expected. I earned money from this site but barely it suffices to meet the hosting charges. So, i decided to list out the reasons for my failure as a blogger:

Not much technical knowledge – i wasted much time installing and customizing this blog as per my preferences….but still there is lot to be customized. Since i am not a techie, i wasted much time on this aspect.

No Discipline in posting the articles – I have to accept. I played no interest while it comes to writing. When we get good response, we will have interest to write articles. But when we don’t get visitors even if write good articles, then it would make us distracted.

Don’t know what kind of articles to be posted — till recently i don’t know what kind of articles would get response on my blog…. little by little i am starting to understand now.

Low paying ads – this is because of the type of content i chose….. since i am getting traffic (that too low) on entertainment posts, i am concentrating on those articles, but they are providing me less income

Depending on single post: Do you believe that, in the last six months (actually, from last four months), most of my traffic was for only one post…. i shouldn’t have depended on only one such great post….i am trying to get more such great posts, but none others are getting such great response as like that single post gets

Busy with other works: I have other job also….that’s why i couldn’t concentrate on the blog completely

Done many mistakes regarding SEO: Since i am not a techie, i committed many mistakes regarding SEO. Thank god they are only few now (donno if i am making any new mistakes now unknowingly)

Expecting a lot: Donno if this is the same situation for most of the newbie bloggers… may be i have expected tremendous response without any base

Lack of Funds: If i have some funds to support employees, I have ideas to make more money in blogs….but since i don’t have money, i had to do all on my own……..may be i am not able to carryout all the works on my own, which resulted in the failure

Update: I found another reason:

Traffic analysis: One fourth of my visitors are from mobile devices, so the chances of getting revenue from them is less, another one fourth are from spammers, they simply come for giving comments…another one fourth come only for images (since they are focused only on images, they just see the image on google image search and them go back or close it before saving the image)…..So at last I got only one-forth of normal visitors……..

Of these normal visitors, most of them are not useful because they just come of entertainment (movie) posts..

Still there are more reasons for my failure, but the above mentioned i consider as the main ones. Hope i get rid of these mistakes and earn money in the next billing cycle of hosting…..

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